Get to Know Your Fellow Archers

Join one of the special archery leagues we offer

Archery isn't much fun if you only ever do it alone. Share your passion with others who have the same hobby. There are plenty of leagues hosted by BlackBelt Archery. We'll help you find the right league for you.

We have:

  • Women's and men's leagues
  • Youth leagues
  • Winter and summer leagues
  • Hunter leagues

Call 607-432-4947 now to join one of our archery leagues.

Different leagues are available throughout the year

You can sign up for our winter league, which starts in January, or our summer league, which starts in April. We also have a hunters' league that starts 10 weeks before October 1. We host these leagues on the techno range so you can get accustomed to shooting deer and elk without actually venturing into the woods- yet.

Targets change every week. Whichever league you choose will feature a variety of different targets to practice aiming and shooting at.

Contact us today to ask about our league scheduling.

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